BVM produces virtual models using CAD and design software such as Solidworks and Unigraphics. We prepare models for research, analysis, presentation and feasibility studies.

BVM creates three dimensional models using precision three-axis machining equipment. In addition, we are very skilled in applying traditional hand methods such as freehand carving and template-based sculpting for projects such as…

  • Mockups for Analysis, Testing & Evaluation
  • Full-feature for Presentations & Displays
  • Form & Fit, Texture & Finish
  • Scale & Full-size Models (including jumbo)

We specialize in creating and finishing ultra high quality, flawless presentation models. This includes the extensive use of fiberglass as well as castings in all types of resins and epoxies.

BVM excels in expertly applying finishes to models using paints and coatings to meet demanding customer requirements.