Easy Access
BVM is conveniently located in Central Ohio near the center of many of the country’s industrial and technical production resources. Visitors are welcome to tour the facilities. Call to arrange a visit.
In 1995, we leased space in a large building, close to route 35 and I-675 in order to expand our facilities, and to provide easy access for our customers. In 1999 we purchased the building, making a substantial investment into our company's growth and future.
This map shows where BVM is located in the greater Midwest.
Google Map - Midwest
Dayton Area
This map shows the major roads in the Dayton area that lead to our company.
Google Map - Dayton and Beavercreek, Ohio
Here is a closer look at our location just off US Route 35. Park in front and enter through the door on the right.
Google Map - 781 Factory Road, Beavercreek, Ohio