Your Competitive Advantage
BVM is committed to helping you stay out front. Look to us for experience and talent. Depend on us to produce accurate, high quality machining and modeling from complex prototypes and special machines—all the way to large assemblies. That includes parts, jigs, fixtures, tooling, models and prototypes using materials such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, wood, plastics, fiberglass, carbon fiber, epoxies, urethanes, and Renboard.
Creative problem solving is one of our greatest assets. Bring us your requirements. We will find the very best way to meet them. Ask us for suggestions to enhance the end result. Let us show you how. Explore this website and then call us at your convenience.
Work with BVM to get the optimum combination of cost, quality and performance. Rely on us to produce consistent and reliable results according to your specifications. Trust us with your projects. You will not be disappointed.
On-time Delivery
Our motto is, "It cannot be late." On-time delivery and meeting deadlines is the best way to earn on-going business. So, we go the extra mile and work the hours required to get your projects to the desired location in the allotted time frame.
Engage BVM along with any other vendor in order to complete your project. In fact, we routinely coordinate projects with other firms that do similar work as well as firms that provide supplemental services such as engineering, treating and finishing.
Bring your projects large and small. We have a dedicated staff of 10-15 qualified employees. Our manufacturing facility is 10,000 square feet. Our large overhead doors enable us to build large-scale assemblies. And we have a full complement of tools and equipment for designing, building and finishing projects.