Accurate and Realistic
We don’t like surprises any more that you. So, tell us what you need and we will clearly and concisely tell you exactly what it will take to achieve your goal. Trust us to give you accurate and realistic estimates. We know for a fact that, if you get what you ordered—for the price you agreed—you will come back again and again.
You set the rules and we respond accordingly. We will quote fixed price, not-to-exceed, time and materials, or in any other format that you are comfortable with. Just provide your normal requirements, specifications, sketches, drawings—or whatever information you have to get things started. You will quickly discover that BVM is fast, flexible and creative when it comes to preparing quotations. You will find our proposals to be very thorough and carefully considered.
In a rush?
Tell us your time frame and we will give you straight answers about our capacity to deliver the project. Then, we concentrate on meeting your requirements and deadlines in order to earn and retain your business.
Not sure what you want?
Get us involved right up front. We can offer lots of input and suggestions. Need more ideas? Then, ask us to help design a solution and specify the requirements—even when other vendors are involved. Changes? We handle them all the time and we can help you determine exactly what would be necessary to modify a project at any point in the process.
Your Terms
You determine the type of agreement suitable for your project. BVM has much experience in this area and we can adapt to your way of doing business. That may range from working off of a simple open purchase order to executing a more formal contract with all of the particulars.
BVM Terms
Usually, we invoice monthly or at pre-defined milestones at net 30 days. BVM accepts Visa, MasterCard, COD, purchase orders, and electronic fund transfers, which makes it easy for our customers to order and receive projects.